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Have You Ever Wondered Why Dogs Lick Things?

Is your furry friend licking everything in sight? Does your dog constantly lick you whenever you crouch down? Well, there are quite a few reasons why dogs tend to lick things. Here are the top five reasons:

1.  Licking is normal dog behavior
2.  Dogs enjoy the salty taste from human skin
3.  To show affection
4.  Dogs feel pleasure when licking things
5.  There’s something bothering the dog

1. Licking is normal dog behavior

If a dog has puppies, she will constantly lick her children to stimulate their breathing, clean them, and to maintain harmony. Licking is very natural dog behavior, and it can mean different things depending on the situation. For example, when dogs lick other dogs, it’s usually a submissive gesture. The licking indicates that the dog wants to get along and maintain harmony with the other dogs.

2. Dogs enjoy the salty taste from human skin

As you may know, the human skin can get pretty salty. Some dogs love the taste of the salt from your skin, and that’s why you may also catch dogs licking sweat. If you’ve ever tasted your own sweat before after a hot day or workout, you’ll notice that your sweat tastes salty. Your sweat almost tastes like sea water. Dogs absolutely love this taste and will continue to lick all the salt off your skin. Your entire body can be salty, everything from your face, arms, legs, to even feet! It’s not uncommon to find dogs licking feet.

3. To show affection 

Like most pet owners, they love to hug and play with their dog’s face to show affection. Many dogs also love to show affection, and they do so with their tongues as it’s not easy for them to hug using their arms. Dogs are animals of habit. Therefore, when a dog continues to show affection by licking, they get used to it. Eventually, it becomes a natural habit. The dog learns that licking is a way to show affection.

4. Dogs feel pleasure when licking things

Although dogs have fewer taste buds than humans, they still feel pleasure when licking certain objects. You may find that your dog is licking objects with similar characteristics. Some dogs look for objects with specific textures or tastes. But overall, licking releases endorphins through the dog’s body. Your dog may be licking everything in sight because it’s searching for the most pleasurable object(s). They will lick everything from walls, carpets, tables, chairs, clothes, and so on.

5. There’s something bothering the dog

If a dog is constantly licking things, it may be a sign of boredom, anxiety, a skin problem, or being in pain. It’s hard to tell what’s bothering the dog, so it’s important to pay close attention. Check in between the dog’s fur for ticks, fleas, spots, and other skin conditions. You should also evaluate whether the dog is behaving strangely. If you’re worried, take the dog to a vet to find out if there’s anything wrong. Let’s hope the dog is just bored.

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